Just a little teaser for the comic

Wyrm splsh 2

Heya folks! Still plugging away on the comic. Had to back up a few pages to add in the backstory which set me back a week or so on releasing the first page but it’s worth it. The new pages are really good and introduce the story better.

In the meantime, here’s a peek at the title page. I’m liking the digital tones. It really speeds up my process. Fingers crossed that it will reproduce well in print.

I’ll be reworking my site here into a new theme when the comic goes live (shooting for this weekend). I decided to just keep the book here instead of posting it to another webcomic site. Anyway, gotta skedaddle off to work. Cya next time!

Wyrmweaver Graphic Novel Page 1 (no text)

Wyrmweaver Graphic Novel 1

Heya folks! Here’s a peek at the first fully illustrated page for the graphic novel. I’ve settled into a good art workflow but I’m still hammering out how to handle the text. Clip Studio Paint, which is what I use for the art, can handle the text as well but I think that Illustrator will be a better option.

Turns out that breaking the novel down into a graphical format is tricky stuff. The initial temptation is to just follow the book literally, but, much like adapting to film, that just doesn’t work. As a result, even after countless editing passes to simplify the narrative, I’m still having to make hard decisions on what to cut for the visual adaptation. It’s a bit painful but the final result will hopefully be more clear and concise.

This week I’ll be creating the official Facebook page for the book as well as updating my Patreon site, which will have more goodies and art related to the story. I’m also still trying to decide which webcomic service I want to use. So much to do!

Wyrmweaver Graphic Novel… for reals :)

Wyrmweaver Graphic Novel 1

Heya folks! Quick update on what I’ve been up to. Yeah, it’s gonna happen… Wyrmweaver is gonna be illustrated. I thought I’d sworn off of comics but after a great deal of introspection I realized that I can’t let it go. It really is the idea way for me to tell the story and with the self-publishing options available today, I no longer need to convince a publisher to pick it up. The book will be black and white with color chapter headings.

I will be putting this out serially (once I figure out the best place to do so). If anyone has any suggestions on good webcomic sites or plugins I’d love to hear them.

That’s all the time I have tonight. Off to work. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Cya next time!

Trying something a little different


Heya folks.

I hope everyone is doing well. I’ve had a somewhat difficult time keeping up on my social media for a few weeks. Changing shifts at work, plumbers repiping my whole apartment for days, health issues, and the like. Topping it off, I got some bad news today. Turns out that my father has been diagnosed with a type of cancer. Things have happened pretty quickly so I don’t have a lot of information yet. What I know is that the doctors seem confident that they’ve caught it early and while it’s too soon to tell, optimism is still high at this point. Regardless, there are doubtlessly rough days ahead. Chemo, radiation, surgery, and a lot of unknowns. While not a complete surprise, the news was still a kick in the gut and while I like to focus on the positive, it’s impossible to completely avoid thinking of worst case scenarios.

On the art front, I’m still working at getting back into traditional media, but I’m also trying something new with my digital work. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was having some issues with my cintiq tablet, primarily the design of the stand and how it was really hard on my arm and back. I was almost ready to give up on it completely. Then a few days ago, while watching an artist interview, I noticed that she had her tablet on what looked like an angled art board or stand of some kind. Then it hit me… a tabletop easel. So I decided to try it, as you can see from the pic. It was a bit awkward at first, as I tend to lean over my work (I know, that’s bad), but I’m getting used to it really quickly. In lieu of getting a larger tablet with it’s own stand, it’s a nice compromise, and WAY better on my back. It also keeps my arms from resting on the table edge which was causing a lot of nerve pain in my wrist. A cheap fix for a big problem. As a nice side bonus, it gives me a good mounting point for my camera so hopefully I’ll be back to making process videos shortly.

My plate is pretty full right now, making me neglect some things (my writing, in particular). Trying to cut back on my number of goals so I can focus on the most important ones. It’s a painful process, as I have a lot of interests, but there just isn’t time to do everything at once.

Well, that’s all I have for today. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Happy 4th, if you’re into that sort of thing. I’m sure I’ll be spending mine with family. Until next time, take care!

“Ashes” Back to traditional media


Heya folks!

Short little update today. I know it’s been awhile. Sorry about that. I recently changed shifts at work again and I’m still adjusting my schedule. Been having some issues with working on my Cintiq tablet lately so I’ve redoubled my efforts to go back to traditional work. Sorry for the fuzzy phone pic. Need to charge up my camera batteries.

Anyway, this is a WIP of another possible candidate for the coloring book. This scene is from the prologue of the second Wyrmweaver book which you can read a preview draft of HERE.

Lots of stuff going on but I’ll have to catch up on that later. Workout time and off to the slave pit.

Thanks for stopping by.  Cya next time.

Mermaid pic and general goings on

So I’m waiting for a video to render and I figured I’d toss an update here since I haven’t done so in awhile (for a lot of reasons.) For starters, my internet was down for a week. That was just a result of bill priorities. (I guess my ISP doesn’t like being at the low end of the list). At any rate, by the end of the week I was nearly ready to suffer ingesting McDonalds swill just to leach off their maddeningly slow wifi for a spell. Didn’t do it though, and I survived. Still, I’m pretty sure that internet access sits somewhere between water and food in my survival needs hierarchy, which is honestly kinda sad.

Then, as if my internet withdrawal wasn’t bad enough, I had a mysterious issue with my PC that locked it into a repeating Windows repair cycle for almost two days. Still not totally sure what happened although it seems to be one of the HDD’s failing. Got it running again, backed up the data from that drive, and pulled the plug on it. So I’m down 300 gigs of storage but it’s better than taking the risk of losing work.

At least I managed to do a piece for the MerMay challenge this month. Technically, I guess you’re supposed to do a piece every day but with all the issues and stress I’m glad to have finished one. Anyway, here’s the final version.


I recorded the inking and coloring on this one so once it finishes rendering I’ll toss it up on the YouTube channel. I plan to do another version with commentary for my Patreon page so if you want to see that be sure to sign up. 🙂

Had yet another (this time minor) flood in the apartment this week. Turns out that it was a kitchen pipe in an upstairs unit that burst and leaked down through the wall. That’s four times in the past year that I’ve had water of some sort leaking in here (three of them have come dangerously close to my workstation). I can’t really blame the management. These buildings have been here longer than they have been in charge and work has already begun on replacing all the plumbing. Unfortunately my building is one of the last and not due to be done until late June. In the meantime, I’m debating whether I should build an ark in my living room and store the computers in there just in case.

Been off my anxiety meds for over a week and so far no noticeable effects, good or bad. Still pretty tired, although not the unnatural drowsiness I was having before. Still experiencing the spells of vertigo here and there. Might just be fatigue from all the financial stress. One more week and I’ll contact the doctor and see what he says.

Well, that’s about all. Video’s about finished so, barring any issues, I’ll post it up tonight before bed. Need to get some writing in too but that may not happen today.

Just a little reminder that I am taking commissions for traditional sketches or digital art. Still working on getting an store up online but you can contact me through this page for more information.

So much to do.

Take care everyone!

Vlog #2 is up

Heya folks. Just finally finished putting together the latest vlog. Had a lot of difficulties with this one but it came out okay. I can’t say that I’m a fan of doing the voice over after the fact. I’d rather just record my commentary while I’m working. Not sure how I’ll handle that since I’m doing my CSP work on the macbook and it just doesn’t have the processing power to record at 60 fps. I’ll fiddle with my setup and see what I can work out.

Didn’t do much else this weekend because I was so tired again. Seeing my doctor tomorrow for my annual checkup. Going to look into options for changing this anxiety med. It does the job but the side effects are just not worth it.

Okay, I’m off. Need to catch a nap before heading out in the morning. Take care!