WIP Wyrmweaver: Black Clouds Interior Artwork

section break art 3

Heya folks!

As promised, here’s the first work-in-progress for the new Wyrmweaver interior art. This is Skarvexet, an Imperial Talon, skulking about the ruins of Talanford in search of… well, you’ll have to read the book to find that out. 🙂

I call this “new” but it’s actually an older piece that was originally part of the comic book version I started years ago. It’s always been among my favorite netherdragon sketches so it seemed appropriate to resurrect it for this project. Pencil on cold press art board, inks are being done in Clip Studio Paint.

I’m also working in the cover painting (or, at least one variation of it). Check back for more in the coming days.

Since the theme of the day seems to be netherdragons, can you guess what today’s creature brief is going to be? Easy right? So if you’d like to know a bit more about the cuddly Highlords of the Imperium, check out that post.

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